15 Must Have Baby Items!

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15 Must Have Baby Items!

What are the essential baby items needed?

  1. These velcro swaddles : I was SO worried that my little one was going to suffocate because of his swaddle but these swaddles seemed to fit away from the mouth more than all the others (and I tried a TON).  Also, all you do is put your baby in and velcro it shut, it is SO easy and I did not worry about it coming undone.
  2. This swaddle once they get a bit bigger: I like this swaddle because it keeps their arms down and prevents them from waking up due to the startle reflex. My baby started sleeping REAALLLLY well once I started using this swaddle.
  3. These pacifiers: my baby never really took to a pacifier until I tried these, then he LOOOOVED THEM and everyone’s life was 100% better, seriously. Make sure that as your child grows older you replace these pacifiers with the next age up, same brand.
  4. The DocATot is a must because it makes babies feels so secure and snug.
  5. This carseat and stroller combo: it is by far the lightest and easiest (and trust me if you have a heavy baby like I do you will be needing all the help you can get)
  6. I have this highchair and I love it, EXCEPT for the fact that it is not on wheels which reallllly is annoying. It is very light and easy to carry around the house (unless your child is in it). This highchair is a another great option that is on wheels if you want to safe yourself some sanity.
  7. These are the bath items that will get you through the first year of life. This bath is great for small sinks and great for newborns. This bath is great for a bit larger a sink and is SUPER soft on sweet newborns skin. It also prevents them from slipping and sliding when they are super tiny. This bath fits well in a large farmhouse sink or bath tub. This bath is great for when babies can sit up. It will safe you a lot of back strain because you don’t have to catch them slipping and sliding every second.
  8. These bottles are CRUCIAL. I exclusively bottle fed (see my other post to find out more about bottle feeding) and these are the best bottles. I had expensive bottles that I registered for and got rid of them because they let to much air in when the baby tried to feed which gives babies gas which makes them very fussy. These are the BEST bottles and they are SUUUUUPER CHEAP. I literally have a hundred of them. Just make sure that you buy nipple replacements according to the child age because the flow speed is different for different ages. My baby was taking FOREVER to drink a bottle and I realized I needed to get a faster flow nipple and the problem was solved.
  9. These burp cloths…they aren’t the cutest (but they are plain white so they go with everything) but they are the best. Trust me, when you are wiping up spit up you want the heavy duty stuff.
  10. This Snotsucker (AH!)..I refused to register for this because I thought it was NASTY but trust me, when your newborn has a stuff nose and it is affecting their ability to breath and you worry they are going to stop breathing- you will do anything to give them relief and this is the only snotsucker that actually works. Also you can wash it which you cannot do with other bulb ones out there..ew.
  11. A bouncing chair. I like this one if you want to go for the pricy but stylish option or I also like this one it is cheap and if you live in a 2 story home you could have one upstairs and downstairs. These chairs are excellent for when you just need somewhere to put your baby while you need to do something (like go to the bathroom or take a shower). I also use mine as a place to set my baby after I give him a bath. These things will save your life. If I had my way, I would buy one for every room.
  12. This is the diaper pail you need BECAUSE you can use regular trash bags (have you seen the diaper genie refill bag prices…seriously? rip off!) these diaper pails do not smell at all!
  13. This is the best basinette to have next to your bed and the DocATot fits inside of it (which is how my baby liked to sleep). This is a great co sleeper as long as your bed height works with it.
  14. A dozen of THESE teethers …I have tried a TON and this is the WINNER by far! your welcome. honestly you might as well buy a dozen and have one in every room of your house, in the car, and in every purse.
  15. I saved the best for last. If you are bottle feeding, you need this bottle maker. I have one upstairs, one downstairs, and one grandparents house. This machine will save your life.


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