Christmas gifts for toddlers!

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Every day I strive to be more organized and more of a minimalist. My toddler is 2 years old and in these 2 years I have experienced the devastation of toy clutter. Toy clutter is harmful for everyone in the homes mental health. I am not giving my child a lot of Christmas presents or “toys” because children really don’t need a lot of toys. Also, simple toys are best. If the toy is doing more playing than the child there is a problem.

Buying toys based on your child’s development: Between 18-24 months toddlers may play pretend games like talking on a toy phone or using keys to unlock something. At this stage-toys that actually look like the real deal is helpful (police car, ambulance etc). By 24 months toddlers may start to use representational thinking where a toy can represent something else (this is the stage my child is in so the list below are toys that I am getting him to accommodate this stage-more abstract toys (like plain blocks..they could be a barn, a tower, a space ship, who knows!)

Part of my child’s christmas present is an Art Cart. We are using this all month long and he will get art supply refills under the tree if he runs out of materials. Click here to shop my toddlers art cart and supplies.

Another Christmas present that my toddler got early is this mini fridge that I have on his shelves in his play area. I put snacks in here for him so he can serve himself.

These feelings flashcards are my all time favorite for teaching children to learn how to identify their feelings at a very young age (which is a very important skill for children’s mental health).

One present he is going to get under the tree are these CORK BLOCKS:

This is one of my toddlers favorite toys & its on sale, totally recommend this magnetic bug catching wooden puzzle!

These multi colored Grimms Blocks are awesome!

Love this cleaning set!

A learning tower is an awesome way for your toddler to be able to help out in the kitchen with cooking and baking. Here is the one we have:

These paint sticks keep my child entertained for so long! See my Art Cart post for more details.

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