How to create a gross motor / sensory room in your house:

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Did you know that you can prevent/solve many of children’s difficult behaviors by engaging the senses?

Aside from the senses that are often talked about: smell, touch, taste, hear, and sight, there are some other very important senses that play a role in our daily life.

I created a gross motor room in my house for my child to get out his extra energy. Some of these activities address the proprioceptive sense and the vestibular sense. Proprioceptive input helps children’s brains calm and organize. Our Vestibular system deals with inner ear fluid and helps us know where we are in space. With all activities below, pay attention to your child’s cues. Sometimes a child can get dysregulated by too much of certain stimuli so always pay attention to how your child is acting and stop activities if they seem to be getting dysregulated.

Click on the link below to purchase the mats we used:

We got these  and these

They are awesome for helping your little one get their energy out before naps and bedtime and provide an excellent gross motor exercise activity on rainy or cold weather days where outside play is not an option.

If you click on the images in this post they will take you to amazon to purchase the item if you would like to.

Here is a tunnel similar to the one we have:

This slide is on my wish list:

This one is cool too:

This is a great climber as well:

Jumping on a trampoline provides children with great proprioceptive input and gets their energy out!

If you have hardwood floor I suggest using a mat underneath like this one:

A mat like the one below is also good too add for some extra cushion:

A large ball is fun for little ones to roll and roll on: (proprioceptive input)

I am obsessed with this ball pit: (proprioceptive input)

Rockers like these would be great: (vestibular input)

A sit and spin is also a good addition: (vestibular input)

This swing is awesome: (but it does say age 3 and up) (vestibular input)

This crash pad is perfect for jumping onto: (your child can even jump from the slide backward onto this crash pad)

If you have a big enough space, this trampoline is amazing!

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