Body Awareness Spaghetti


This is a sensory/mindfulness activity for children, teens, and adults. Do the muscles in your body feel wiggly and relaxed like cooked spaghetti or do they feel stiff and tense like uncooked spaghetti? This Kaboodle Kit was created with the intention of helping individuals become aware of the sensations in their bodies. When we learn to pay attention to the sensations in our body throughout the day it can help us gain more awareness of our mental states. If we are stressed or anxious, are bodies are often tense and stiff like uncooked spaghetti. If we are calm and relaxed our muscles feel loose and relaxed like cooked spaghetti. When we notice our muscles are tense we can work to calm ourselves by using the power of our breath. This kit comes with an instruction card for how to use this kit in your home, classroom, or in a therapeutic setting. It also includes a body awareness spaghetti guided meditation.

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Weight 200 oz


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