Kaboodle Tots: Easter Discovery Jar (20 pack)


Pack of 20 Jars. Celebrate Easter without all of the candy and sugar! These are great for classrooms as well as for party favors! I created Kaboodle Tots when I was making Kaboodle Kits and I noticed my toddler was super curious about them. I wanted to let him explore the loose parts without having to worry about him choking on the small parts. If you are using with a baby or toddler, I recommend super gluing the lid shut and always supervising them with their jar. The jars are plastic. Kaboodle Tots could be used in infant and toddler classrooms as well as in older children’s classrooms. In older children’s classrooms, children could be allowed to open jars and explore what is inside and pair with play doh or sensory filler jars or explore with the lids remaining closed.


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