The Best Valentines Day Activities for Toddlers!

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Valentines Pom Pom Scoop:

These Extra Large Valentines Pom Poms are perfect for toddlers who still put things in their mouth because they are not a choking hazard. They are great for scooping and transfer work.

Valentines Day is a perfect time to teach your toddler all sorts of things! Some concepts you can introduce to your toddler are the heart shape, the color RED, color PINK, etc.

The sensory table below is the Ikea Kallax Sensory table and you can purchase it on Amazon here.

Valentines Duck & Pom Pom Tray

Another activity I created for my toddler is this Valentines duck and pom pom pour activity. Some activities you might try with this tray: count number of ducks, sort by color, separate ducks from pom poms, transfer from bucket to tray, what sound does a duck make? Your little one can use tongs to transfer objects to the bucket for more complicated fine motor practice. You can even add water for more sensory fun!

If you are looking for a good sensory tray, this one is very similar to the one in the picture below. These metal bucks are also similar to the ones in the photo below. These valentines rubber ducks are super cute.

Valentines Day Pom Pom Scoop

Let your little one have fun scooping, counting, and color sorting these Valentine colored pom poms. These pom poms are cute also. I have also created a therapeutic activity with this tray. Click here (coming soon but in the mean time go to my Instagram thewholekidandkaboodle for directions on how to Teach Your Child Pom Pom Soup Deep Breathing to help combat your child’s excess energy, stress, hyperactivity, and problem behaviors.

Looking for an edible sensory tray filler?

You can click on the images below to purchase these edible sensory bin fillers on amazon:

Here are some Valentines Day sensory bottles that I made:

Below I have linked some of my other favorite craft items to buy for Valentines Day crafts & sensory bottles: just click on the image to purchase from Amazon!

These pipe cleaners and pom poms are fun sensory bin fillers!

Put a piece of scotch tape on the back of these foam hearts and let your toddler stick them to the wall or the floor. They will get a kick out of this!

Put this washi tape down on the table and let your toddler peel it off…loads of entertainment and great fine motor skills practice!

These foam stickers are perfect for helping little ones with their fine motor skills practice. The doilies can be glued onto paper for fun toddler art work!

I am obsessed with these heart shaped foam confetti! These would be awesome for sensory bin filler!

This heart shaped wooden spoon would be so fun to stir a sensory bucket filled with all kinds of valentines day filler or letting your little one help out with valentines day baking!

This valentines baking mold is so cute! It would be fun to bake in but also use to separate pom poms by color or hold valentines stickers and pom poms.

These hearts would be fun inside a sensory bottle!

These bottles are perfect for sensory/discovery bottles because they have a wide mouth at the top so you can fit decent sized objects inside.

This extra fine glitter is perfect for making valentines sensory bottles.

These heart erasers would be cute inside a sensory bottle, just add rice!

These rose petals would be fun sensory bin filler.

These felt balls are awesome for scooping, sorting, and using as sensory bin filler.

This Grimms wooden heart set is on my wants list!

These wooden beads would be super cute in a sensory bottle mixed with some more colorful plastic beads.

These candy hearts are what I used in my sensory bottle that I mixed with rice. My toddler likes to shake it and hear the sound it makes.

These are some of my favorite Valentines books:

Fine Motor Skills Activity

I found the velvet rose at the dollar store and then paired with our HABA toy :

Below you can see a photo of my 16 month old’s Valentines themed play shelves:

Here are some toys similar to the ones on my Valentines shelf that would be super fun:

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